Quality knows no bounds.
Every stage in the production process, from the selection of the raw materials to the delivery of the end product, follows a number of specific steps for each product (black and white annealed wire, iron wire, etc).

Only the best raw materials produce the most reliable products.
We use certified wire rods which comply with EU regulations and before they are processed, they undergo a series of stringent tests to ensure they are up to standard.

State-of-the-art machinery is used throughout the drawing process, producing high quality wire and in the thermal annealing phase which follows:
our equipment can modulate heating conditions to ensure the mechanical features of the product are constant.
The end product is tested in the laboratory to check conformity and, should the client request it, the company can issue a test certificate free of charge, which certifies the quality of the product. Each product is weighed electronically to check that the declared weight corresponds to the actual weight.

Our large warehouse is stocked with a wide range of products which have already been tested and classified, enabling us to find the item which meets your specific requirements in the shortest time possible.